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Hi, I'm Susie Miles.

For more than twenty years, I've held positions at The Discovery Channel, National Geographic and a few television production companies in between. I served in many different roles in my career and while I've mostly enjoyed the journey, I began to feel a rumbling inside my soul, whispering 'there has to be more to life than this. More than rushing around nonstop, sitting in hours of traffic each day and in long meetings, looking out the window, wanting to be somewhere else.' Then the pandemic hit... it took an unfortunate and catastrophic event to tell me that I needed to slow down, breathe a little more and feel myself in my own skin. I'm here because I needed the pivot.





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Latest Book

I wrote a children's book about a little boy and the love for his nightlight, which brings him comfort as he gets ready for bed and throughout the night.

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Cooking and Convos Podcast

Welcome to my new podcast, Cooking and Convos. I'll share super easy recipes for super tasty meals, that will take you 30 min or less to prepare. I'll also have a few convos along the way, with interesting folks who have a lot to say about food as well. I'd like to inspire you to get in the kitchen so you can create delicious meals quickly with a small list of ingredients, so it doesn't feel like a burden but something you enjoy. So step into my kitchen, cook and connect on Cooking and Convos.

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